Looking for the right ecommerce platform can be a very time consuming and difficult job and if you are someone that is not experienced when it comes to ecommerce, this can be an even bigger problems. A lot of the time people go online in order to find reviews about the platforms they are interested in, but the one thing that you have to remember is that online reviews are people’s experiences and they may not need what you need. Because of that looking at the pros and cons of ecommerce platform is a great way to get a general idea about a platform so today we are going to do a Shopify vs. Magento pros and cons comparison, so make sure to keep on reading.

Advantages of the platforms

We are going to start with a pro that both platforms share and that is that they are both SEO friendly which means that your ecommerce will be able to get a lot of organic traffic and that means more customers for you. Magento will also enable you to run a multi-lingual ecommerce which is very important if you are planning on starting a global business. This is something that will allow you to expand into different places without having to create a separate ecommerce for every country that you want to reach. On the other hand, one of Shopify’s biggest advantages is the amazing app store that they offer. Filled with tons of free and paid for apps and add-ons, you will be able to add any kind of feature you want to your ecommerce.

Disadvantages of the platforms

We can’t make a Shopify vs. Magento comparison without talking about some of the disadvantages. This first one that we are going to talk about isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, but it is a drawback especially if you are a beginner and that is the fact that Magento is really difficult to work with and even starting up can cost you a lot of money. Because it is a self-hosted solution, that means that you will have to find and maintain the hosting yourself and that requires a lot of time and effort and it can even cost a lot of money depending on what hosting you go for. When it comes to Shopify, something that people usually complain about is their templates and themes, and not in terms of quality but in terms of price. There are some free templates and themes, but the best ones are of course the paid for, but unfortunately they start at a whopping $80 which is a lot of money for a startup business so you may have to risk having a storefront that is not as professional looking which is definitely not ideal.

The one thing that will be true about any platform is that there will always be pros and cons, things that work for you and things that don’t. We hope that this Shopify vs. Magento comparison of some of their pros and cons will be helpful to you and that you will be able to figure out which one can offer you more.