In the world of ecommerce the names Shopify and Magento are one of the top ones out there. If you want to start an ecommerce and have done any kind of research, then these names have probably come up a lot and you are already somewhat familiar with it. Since we know that most people getting into ecommerce usually gravitate towards going for one of these two options, we decided to make a Shopify vs. Magento comparison in today’s article. We are going to talk about some of their pros and cons, so make sure to keep reading so you get more information about these two excellent platforms.


To start off, we are going to talk about what we feel is the best thing about Shopify and that is the fact that is has some of the most beautiful and professional looking themes and templates out there. This means that even if you are a beginner that has never done this before, getting your store to have an amazing and professional look will be really easy. They have an extensive library called the Theme Store where you can pick and choose from their collection of premium themes that are both paid for and free. The themes go across all different industries which means that you will find the perfect one for you regardless of the kind of business you have. However, one of the biggest things that we feel is a drawback though is the fact that this platform will charge you for every sale that you make. This is called a transaction fee and it can be anywhere between 0.5% to 2% and if you are a big business it won’t mean that much, but if you are a small business this may be an amount that will make a big difference to your income.


One of the best things about Magento that you probably won’t get with many other platforms is the fact that they have a very big community behind them that is amazing when it comes to supporting their users. If you ever find yourself having any kind of issue all you will have to do is go to the forum and you will be able to find an answer for everything. You can search the database to see if there is already an answer for your question, which is usually the case, and the great news is that the answers are usually very simple and easy to understand. However, apart from getting easy answers, that is about the only thing that will be easy about this contender in the Shopify vs. Magento comparison. This is definitely a platform that requires a little bit more knowledge, especially when compared to Shopify, so that is definitely something to keep in mind.

Choosing the right platform is a very important decision that you will have to make, which is why looking at their pros and cons is incredibly important. In today’s Shopify vs. Magento comparison we decided to talk about the pros and cons we consider the most important in order to make things easier for you, so we hope you found this article helpful and that you will be able to make the right decision with ease.