Annals of Saudi Medicine
Publication of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. Mukesh Agarwal Diabetology
Dr. Michael Klein Pediatric Urology
Dr. M Mathur Biochemistry
Dr. M Melamed Endocrinology
Dr. M Metze Urology
Dr. M Wojcicki liver transplantation
Dr. Mazloomy Abad Psychiatry
Dr. Mohamed Ezz Abbas Clinical Medicine
Dr. Mahmoud Abdelsalam medical oncology
Dr. Mohammad Abdulaaly Urology
Dr. Mohamed Abdul-Aziz Endocrinology
Dr. Mahmoud Aburemsh
Dr. Mohamed Abuzeid Obstetrics
Dr. Mohammed Addar Gynecology
Dr. M.A. Dimopoulos Hematology
Dr. Maha Al-derea Otolaryngology
Dr. Mahmoud Moawad Medicine
Dr. Maie Al Shahid cardiology
Dr. Mustafa Akcakus Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammed Al-Absi Radiology
Dr. Mamdouh Al Ahmadi
Dr. MJ Al Aloucy Geriatrics
Dr. Mohammed Al-Arifi Pharmacology
Dr. Mohamad ALassiri Surgery
Dr. Mansour Al-Assiry Otolaryngology
Dr. Mohammed Al-Ayed Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mai Al Barakati Pediatrics
Dr. Muawyah Al-Bdour Ophthalmology
Dr. Muneerah Al-Bugami Clinical Medicine
Dr. Mohammed Aldosari Pediatric Neurology
Dr. Maha Al Fehaily Surgery
Dr. Mohammad Al-Ghamdi Otolaryngology
Dr. Mahmoud Aljurf Hematology
Dr. Mohammed Alkhayarin Orthopedics
Dr. Mo Al-Majed Anesthesiology
Dr. Majid Almandil Urology
Dr. Manal Al-Mashaleh Rheumatology
Dr. Mahmood Al-Mendalawi Pediatrics
Dr. Mohamed Al-Moamary Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Mohammed Almubarak Hematology
Dr. Mohammad Al-Muhiazea Neurology
Dr. Maha Al-Nemer Gynecology
Dr. Marwan Al-Nimer Clinical Medicine
Dr. Mashail Alobaidan Cardiology
Dr. Mohammed Al-Omran Surgery
Dr. Mohammed Al Otaibi Urology
Dr. Mohammed Alowain Genetics (Medical)
Dr. Mohammed Alqahtani Psychiatry
Dr. Mohammed Al-Rabia Allergy and immunology
Dr. Muhammad Al-Rifai Neurology
Dr. Mohammed AlRukban Adolescent Medicine
Dr. Mona Alrukhaimi Nephrology
Dr. Medhat Al-Saadawi Dermatology
Dr. Muslim Alsaadi Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammed Al Saghier Liver Transplantation
Dr. Mohammed Al-Sebayel Surgery
Dr. Mohammad Al Shabanah Radiology
Dr. Mesfer Alshahrani Gynecology
Dr. Medhat Al-Sofyani Surgery
Dr. Mohamed Al Sous Neurology
Dr. Mohammed Al Sunaid Nephrology
Dr. Mohammad Al Swes Family Practice
Dr. Metin Altay Adolescent Medicine
Dr. Mohammad Alwabel Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mohammad Al-Zahrani Epidemiology
Dr. Muhammad Amin Ud Din Surgery
Dr. Mostafa Amr Psychiatry
Dr. Mana Al-assiri Urology
Dr. Mansour Al-Jaradi Pathology
Dr. Muhammad Anwar Community Medicine
Dr. Mohammad Arami Neurology
Dr. Mohammed Areeshi Microbiology
Dr. Mustafa Arslan Anesthesiology
Dr. Maryline Bonnet Epidemiology
Dr. Marzouqah Al Anazi Emergency Medicine
Dr. Mashael Al-Shalaan Radiology
Dr. Mohammed Ashour Pharmacology
Dr. Mohammed Taher Endocrinology
Dr. Mehdi Azami Epidemiology
Dr. Mazen Kherallah Critical Care
Dr. Mohammed Babatain Gastroenterology
Dr. Mohammed Bakr Hematology
Dr. Mohammed Basheer Plastic Surgery
Dr. Mohamed Bayoumy Hematology
Dr. Mushtaq Bhat Pediatrics
Dr. Malak Bukhari Colorectal Surgery
Dr. Mohammad Daghistani Anesthesiology
Dr. Mohamed Dehbi Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mehmet Demirag Rheumatology
Dr. Maadh Aldouri Hematology
Dr. Al-Mehaidib Ali Gastroenterology
Dr. Mahmoud Aly Elbarbary Anesthesiology
Dr. Mahmoud El-Foudeh Oncology Medical
Dr. Mostafa El-Haddad Oncology Medical
Dr. Mohamed El Karouri Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Mohammed Elkhalifa Pathology
Dr. Mohammad El Mouzan Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammed El-Shaker Surgery
Dr. Mohamed El Tahir Gastroenterology
Dr. Mazin Eltayb Oncology Medical
Dr. Meral Aban Gynecology
Dr. Mamdoh Eskandar Gynecology
Dr. Mosa Fagih Pathology
Dr. Mohammad Fahim Clinical Medicine
Dr. Majid Al Fayyadh Cardiology
Dr. Mehmet Can Surgery
Dr. MF Dawamneh Pathology
Dr. MF Hamdi Orthopedics
Dr. Mohamed Firoze Radiology
Dr. Magdy Elbarbary Evidence-Based Medicine
Dr. Mohammad Haider Allergy and immunology
Dr. Muhammad Hammami Endocrinology
Dr. Maher Hassounah Neurosurgery
Dr. Mulazim Bukhari Pathology
Dr. Moshira Helmy Community Medicine
Dr. Mohammed Homoud Neurosurgery
Dr. Michel Moreira Microbiology
Dr. Milena Ilic Epidemiology
Dr. Mona Ismail Gastroenterology
Dr. Mehdi Jafari Plastic Surgery
Dr. Majid Jamshidi Otolaryngology
Dr. Mohammed Jan Neurology
Dr. Mansour Al-Joufan Cardiology
Dr. Mohammad Kabiraj Neurology
Dr. Mahdi Kahrom Cardiology
Dr. Mustafa Kanat Cardiology
Dr. Mohamed Kandeel Gynecology
Dr. Murat Kapkac Plastic Surgery
Dr. Mohammad Kashef Allergy and immunology
Dr. Mohamed Eid Kassem Cardiology
Dr. Maan Kattan Anesthesiology
Dr. Manabu Kawamoto Rheumatology
Dr. Mahran Kazrooni Otolaryngology
Dr. Mohammed Khalid Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Mohammad Khalil Psychiatry
Dr. Mohammed Khan Gastroenterology
Dr. Mahmood Khaniki Pathology
Dr. Mohammed Khuroo Gastroenterology
Dr. Manal Koura Community Medicine
Dr. Mamoun Kremli Orthopedics
Dr. Mohammed Kurdi Cardiology
Dr. Markku Kuusi Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Lashin Surgery
Dr. Manouchehr Madani-Civi Anesthesiology
Dr. Shiekh A.Rahim
Dr. Mohi Eldin Ali Magzoob Community Medicine
Dr. Mahmood Alasmi Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammad Mallick Surgery
Dr. Mansour Al Nozha Clinical Cardiology
Dr. Mojdeh Mehdizadeh Hematology
Dr. Mahmood Moawad Evidence-Based Medicine
Dr. Mehdi Mohamadnejad Gastroenterology
Dr. Mir Mohsin Plastic Surgery
Dr. Mojtaba Moosavian Infectious Diseases
Dr. Mohammed Moussa Orthopedics
Dr. Mujalli Murshidi Urology
Dr. Mohammed Muzaffer Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammad Namazi Dermatology
Dr. Michael Nester Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammed Akhtar Pathology
Dr. Mobarak Al Mulhim Emergency Medicine
Dr. Moeen Al Sayed Genetics (Medical)
Dr. Mohamed Al Muhiazea pediatric neurology
Dr. Mohammad Rai Epidemiology
Dr. Mohammad Al Hady Al Edreesi Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammed Abdul AL-aaly Pediatric Urology
Dr. Mohammed Alshehri Oncology Medical
Dr. Mohammed Neimatallah Radiology
Dr. Mohammed Olfat Pediatrics
Dr. Mohammed Omair Rheumatology
Dr. Mohammed Al Omari Pathology
Dr. Mohammed Omer Qutub Microbiology
Dr. Mouhamad Jamil Critical Care
Dr. Mouhamed Gayath Jamil Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Michael Patton Genetics (Medical)
Dr. Musthafa Peedikayil Gastroenterology
Dr. Murray Potter Genetics (Medical)
Dr. M.R. Abboud Hematology
Dr. Mohammad Rabie Gastroenterology
Dr. Maja Radman Endocrinology
Dr. Mohammad Ali Rajabi Surgery
Dr. Mohsen Rezaeian Epidemiology
Dr. Mahdi Rezai Gastroenterology
Dr. Masoud Roudbari Public Health
Dr. Mohammed Al-Rukban Family Practice
Dr. Mohammed Abomelha Urology
Dr. Mir Sadat-Ali Orthopedics
Dr. Monzer Sadek Anesthesiology
Dr. Mohammadreza Safavi Adolescent Medicine
Dr. Mohammad Salah Plastic Surgery
Dr. Mounir Salem Microbiology
Dr. Modupeola Samaila Dermatology
Dr. Mohamed Satti Pathology
Dr. Maryam Al Shaqra Pharmacology
Dr. Mahmood Shaheen Orthopedics
Dr. Mohammad Sheikhha Genetics (Medical)
Dr. Mohammad Shoja Ophthalmology
Dr. Mohamed Shoukri Epidemiology
Dr. MS Isakoff Hematology
Dr. Muhammad Sohail Gastroenterology
Dr. Mehmet Sonmez Hematology
Dr. Mark Stewart Emergency Medicine
Dr. M. Taifour Suliman Plastic Surgery
Dr. Mohsen Taghaddosi Cardiology
Dr. Meltem Tasbakan Infectious Diseases
Dr. Maha Tulbah Obstetrics
Dr. Murat Ugurlucan Cardiology
Dr. Muhammad Memon Oncology Medical
Dr. Munirah Al-Hajri
Dr. Musa Fageeh Pathology
Dr. Mushira Enani infectious diseases
Dr. Walid Mourad Pathology
Dr. Margaret Ann Whittaker Clinical Medicine
Dr. MW Saif Oncology Medical
Dr. Mustafa Younis Public Health
Dr. Mohammad Al Shehri Surgery
Dr. Muhammad Zahid Psychiatry
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