Annals of Saudi Medicine
Publication of the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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The quality of a journal depends on the quality of articles published, which in turn depends upon the quality of refereeing process. Not only the quality in terms of the content, but also the quality in terms of providing early and fast reply to authors and the period from the receipt of an article to its publication depends on the referees. To say in minimum words, referees are the backbone of any peer-reviewed journal. 'World rely on journals and journals rely on referees' - such is the importance of a referee.
We are fortunate to have the services of following experts for our review process.

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Referee Name Specialty
Dr. R Hoffman Endocrinology
Dr. R Lebeau Surgery
Dr. R Mamede Ophthalmology
Dr. R Vianna Small Bowel Transplantation
Dr. Fahad Al Rabiah infectious diseases
Dr. Rabie Abdel-Halim Urology
Dr. Rafay Ahmad Community Medicine
Dr. Reza Afshar Nephrology
Dr. Riaz Ahmad Anesthesiology
Dr. Ramazan AKDEMIR Cardiology
Dr. Roaa Al-Gain Pediatrics
Dr. Rowyda Al-Harithy Genetics (Medical)
Dr. Rajaa Al-Raddadi Community Medicine
Dr. Ramiz Alswailem Rheumatology
Dr. Ramesh Arthanari Gastroenterology
Dr. Richard Aster Hematology
Dr. Ratib Mesleh obstetrics
Dr. Ravi Shankar Pharmacology
Dr. RA Zimmerman Radiology
Dr. Raja Bandaranayake Surgery
Dr. Ramen Basak Endocrinology
Dr. Ramachandra Bhat Pathology
Dr. Reem Bunyan Neurology
Dr. Rizwan Cheema Ophthalmology
Dr. Rajjal Abdellatif Pediatrics
Dr. Rafif Farhat Endocrinology
Dr. Rashed Hijazi Emergency Medicine
Dr. Rifat Rashid Diagnostic and Clinical Microbiology
Dr. Rubina Jamil Pediatrics
Dr. Reem Abd Kanaan Genetics (Medical)
Dr. Richard Kim Oncology Medical
Dr. Rustu Kose Plastic Surgery
Dr. Riyadh Lafta Epidemiology
Dr. Robert Neil Lyall Anesthesiology
Dr. Ridha Mahouachi Pulmonary Medicine
Dr. Reza Mohamadian Neurology
Dr. Rashid Mohammad Plastic Surgery
Dr. RN. Clayton Endocrinology
Dr. Rafid Najim Pharmacology
Dr. Robert Yoho Pediatrics
Dr. Rajeev Pant Orthopedics
Dr. R Rabah Pathology
Dr. Robert Sanda Surgery
Dr. Raja Sawaya Neurology
Dr. Roya Sherafat Endocrinology
Dr. Rajeev Sinha Surgery
Dr. Riyadh Talic Urology
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